virtualStudio 1.0.37

Quick yet powerful digital photo editor


  • Very fast and lightweight
  • Includes all necessary tools for basic editing
  • Support for many popular formats, including RAW and PSD
  • Support for Photoshop plug-ins


  • Not as feature-rich as other editors
  • Interface could be improved

Very good

Most graphics editors are massive apps that require advanced photo editing knowledge, take a while to boot up and we don't really use all of their tools.

virtualStudio offers an alternative photo editor that doesn't need as much drive space and system requirements as other more popular image tools, but at the same time includes all the functionality you need to fix, retouch and optimize your digital photos.

virtualStudio works with more than 30 file formats (including Photoshop PSD and some RAW formats) and – this is probably its greatest feature – features support for many popular Photoshop plug-ins, including one created by the same developers, virtualPhotographer. The program also includes tools to adjust lights and colors, check the photo's curves and histogram and add frames, titles and copyright watermarks.

Whilke virtualStudio is certainly a quick, lightweight photo editor that can be useful for your daily image editing tasks, I still miss many of the possibilities offered by bigger apps like Photoshop. Also, the program's interface could be improved: the skin it uses doesn't suit the program, and it's not the most intuitive working environment.

virtualStudio is an alternative, free photo editor with support for many popular formats and which can also work with Photoshop plug-ins.



virtualStudio 1.0.37

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